Lucky is Mama Fortuna's magical assistant who was morphed into a human from a mandrake root. When Lucky grew up a little and learned to talk and count, he replaced Mama in her magic shop in Foldale. From now on he was responsible for selling herbs and potions to the villagers, while Mama could finally go deeper into her magical studies and practices.

Lucky BeginningEdit

On the day of the transformation the witch was quite drunk (which rarely happens but every time it happens it has a lot of consequences), so by mistake she somehow managed to let her bracelet slip onto the soil in which the transformation was happening, the bracelet was immediately absorbed by the enchanted soil and, once the magic was done, there stood a boy with Mama's bracelet buried into his waist so deeply that his torso looked sliced in halves. Mama's eyes rounded at this shocking sight and she gave him a few minutes to live. But the boy survived for a few hours, then for a few days and then Mama decided to call him Lucky because he survived through this horrible mistake of hers.

The Dancing ShopkeeperEdit

Year after year, Lucky became the witch's faithful minion. The belt seemed to cause no harm to him, but then he was a magical creature. Or perhaps because since his first day as a human Lucky just couldn't stop dancing, he seemed to really like moving his body, which he of course couldn't do before when he was a root. Mama ordered for him a bellydancer's outfit as it fit his style of dancing the most. Having the bracelet around his waist seemed to not bother him at all, he never asked Mama about it and his movements were so fluent that it seemed like this wasped body was just natural for him.

Lucky dances at every festival in the village. In the beginning people cringed at the sight of his waist, but after seeing him every day on the marketplace selling things at the magic shop, the villagers, day by day, got used to it.

Lucky is very good friends with the blacksmith's son, Sam Smith, and the Count's son Julian d'Orchaun. Julian, who was only practicing classical dance before, suddenly discovered a whole new hobby for himself under Lucky's influence.